Helping nonprofits achieve their mission

My Services

I'm dedicated to helping nonprofits thrive. I provide a range of services including strategic planning and evaluation, board and CEO advising, meeting facilitation and consensus building and project management. Let me help your organization achieve its mission and make a positive impact in your community.

Strategic Planning

Development of a comprehensive short or long-term strategic plan, starting from understanding the current state, visioning the future, and developing a clear, measurable, strategic plan to achieve the desired results.


Board and CEO Advising

Providing thought partnership to the CEO/Executive Director or the Board Chair to advise on strategic, operational, or governance issues that are getting in the way of success.

Strategic Options Evaluation

Development and evaluation of strategic options and potential mergers, acquisitions, alliances, or partnerships that will best further the mission. Facilitation to support decision making.

Project and Resource Management

Management of a specific project from inception to completion or advising on projects and resource management to align operations with the strategic plan.

Meeting Facilitation and Consensus Building

Planning for and facilitating strategic retreats, visioning sessions and community meetings to solicit insights and gain consensus.

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